Dana Delaney and her anti-aging secrets

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According to this Steve Harvey interview, 59-yo Dana Delany says her secrets to looking young are that she has never been married, doesn’t have kids, does yoga daily, and drinks wine.


Well, many people like having kids although I will admit, they can stress you out.  In a study of women taking care of kids with special needs, a shorter telomere length was found as I discussed in this video.

Interestingly, one study looking at marital status disagreed with Ms. Delany finding that married couples had longer telomeres.  Although perhaps she is happily unmarried with her French paramour…

As for the moving meditation of Yoga, I can look at a thousand studies contradicting her statement and would not believe them, myself enjoying as frequent hot yoga classes as my schedule permits.

Now keep in mind if she were taking something like TA-65 and hormones, she wouldn’t admit it and there are many celebrities and health gurus who do just that.

Not much a believer in the alcohol thing and the literature is mixed. In this study of chronic alcohol consumers, telomeres were shorter but then again, there is confounding because how bad is your life if you are drinking that much?

Whatever her real secrets are, don’t hate her because she’s beautiful as the old commercial said.  Just take note that there are many ways to stay young and that being happy, laughing, do what makes you feel joy and gratitude—they are all royal roads to staying young.


And BTW, when my chronically young-looking patients get asked that question, they often get laughed at for telling the interested party that they are taking a telomerase activator.  99 out of 100 people who just ASKED for the secret, won’t even bother Googling it unless Oprah and the FDA are on board.  They do like the tune that the band plays on the deck of the HMS Titanic however.

The band plays on as the Titanic sinks – a still from the 1958 film A Night To Remember

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  1. Of the 6 billion humans on the planet, it would not surprise me if a few of them had telomerase activated throughout the body. Ms. Delany would be a candidate for such testing. I could believe she could make it to 120 if all continues to go well with her.

  2. Dont know her, but my take on the youth thing is, once youve jumped her bones, who cares how youthful or how long she lives…

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