Happy Persian New Year! This equinox+eclipse+supermoon will NEVER happen again

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Tomorrow, Friday the 20th of March, we have the coincidence of three events: The Vernal Equinox, a supermoon, and a total solar eclipse. The equinox is when the tilted axis of the earth’s rotation, at the equator, directly faces the sun, like a giant hula hoop or Saturn-like rings. So from a Northerner’s perspective, our equatorial “waistband” isn’t tilted towards the sun mostly (as from March to September not away from the sun (as from September to March)”


On the equinoxes, the earth rotation makes a 12-hour day and a 12-hour night all around the world, hence the equal night or ‘equa-nox’.


At the North and South poles, it is the dawn of the 6-month polar day and the sun just makes a circle in the sky.


The supermoon is when the moon is new and at its perigee (closest point of the elliptical orbit).  It is big and dark because it is between us and the sun.


The next time a supermoon will coincide with an equinox isn’t until 2034, then 2053, then 2072.  It won’t happen at all in the 22nd century, I understand.

As for the coincidence of a total solar eclipse with the former equinox/supermoon dyad, I couldn’t find any predictions so I have to conclude that the chances are infinitesimally small. You see, the supermoon happens every 411 days, and the equinox twice a year, but total eclipses occur only about once every 1.5 years and so the moon has only three chances to be in the closest part of its orbit during an equinox/eclipse those three times in the next few hundred years.

It is safe to say that even if I live to be 1,000-years-old from adaptogenic herbs, I won’t ever get another chance to see these three events coincide.

South and Central Asians that are culturally related to the Persian Empire celebrate Nowruz (new day), as the beginning of the new year, because it makes sense to start either there or at the Winter Solstice. This holiday predates the founding of Islam and dates back to antiquity from the 1st to 4th centuries CE;  it has it roots in Zoroastrianism and the mystery-syncretic religions of Mithraism.

So why do I write about this quaint coincidence?  Well maybe this is the dawning of the new Age of Aquarius- an age of collective evolution. When I see that NASA can track 5,000 years of solar eclipses and we can 3-D print amazing things, it gives me hope.  But then I wonder why we can’t easily discern between aggression and ‘collateral damage’ when it comes to the death of people in faraway lands?

If we can all understand how our world works (from the cellular, to the celestial, to the selling of derivatives and elastic bonds, perhaps won’t get fooled again into a global conflict with Russia over who gets to control the SWIFT banking system and the valuation of commodities.  The faster we all learn, the faster we can evolve past the samsara and the love of reincarnation thinking.

Perhaps human immortality is a precondition for social evolution and that is why it is such a threat to folks who make a living off of scarcity and market manipulation. I am officially trademarking this catchphrase tonight: “immortality cures immorality”. It’s why people from small towns and countries are honest and polite…


Happy Nowruz to all!  May the alignment of the supermoon, the eclipse, and the equinox signal a new day for all of mankind!

Why do we care about this once-in-a-lifetime trifecta? Take it from this pacifist who helped create “The Bomb”-


Wanna really have your mind blown? Watch this video:

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  1. after thinking about it, it’s 1/411×1/530×1/180 probability so about 107,000 years by probability
    So still not very likely 🙂

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