Hey FDA, why do you make us travel half way around the world to get our own stem cells injected back into us?

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I don’t provide any answers but did you know that you can drop $26,000 traveling in medical-tourism just to have your own stem cells injected back into you? We’re not talking about winning the Tour de France here…so what’s up with ‘dat?

There is some “for your own good” thinking here that I am eager to understand.  Email me your thoughts!





BTW- $24,000 would have bought you 3 years of Ta-65 Telomerase Activation which, in my opinion, is in situ stem cell therapy.

Unfortunately the perceived value of those two things are still quite different… I am hoping to change that with my clinical trials through ProBonoTrials.org.  Stay tuned for our IndiGoGo or Kickstarter campaign!)

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  1. The over regulation of our own stem cells is all about politics, power and profit. Other countries are advancing quickly and the U.S. is getting left in the dust. It’s a real hardship for people who are ill to have to travel offshore, not to mention the extra cost in doing so. The FDA’s regulation of our own stem cells as drugs is doing far more harm than good. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a groundswell of protest from the public. Few understand the situation unless they are ill or have a loved one who is ill. Also, many have no idea that there are different types of stem cells, not just embryonic.

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