“I just have good genes”

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The next time you hear an older A-List Hollywood celebrity utter that phrase, I want you to Google their pictures from 2008 and compare. If they look younger, chances are they are in the closet about taking TA-65.  To date, there are only a few who have admitted to taking TA-65 mainly because celebs aren’t allowed by their agents to say they like or take anything without getting paid a lot of money.  Suzanne Somers, Roger Daltrey and Dustin Keller. That’s it. Profession athletes, actors, producers, and a Nobel Prize winner in medicine…I know names but I’m not allowed to say them. TA usage in 2014 is not a very well-kept secret and chances are there are a few people in your circle that are taking it but you just don’t know.  It has been over six years since the introduction of TA into the marketplace.

Perfect example:  as a result of a common friend’s recommendation,  a prominent movie producer ordered 16 bottles two years ago through his step-daughter  (he was supposed to call me but wanted to keep anonymity.)  And now it seems the actors in his movies sheepishly boast/apologize about their “great genes”.


People tell me “Come on, why would someone hide the fact that they’re taking TA-65?”

Here are the top 10 reasons I can surmise:

10) It seems elitist to pay $8,000 a year when many good people can’t afford it

9)  People want credit for good diet, exercise, and other “good” lifestyle choices

8)  Vanity- they like to think they are congenitally beautiful and healthy (see “I just have good genes”)

7)  They don’t want to seem to “out there” or on the fringe

6)  They aren’t sure that all their improvements aren’t the result of other changes they’ve made

5)  Maybe they think if everyone had the secret, it would take away their advantage or edge

4)  Privacy

3)  Concern that someone might be hurt or develop cancer as a result of their recommendation

2)  Apathy over helping others

1)  No financial incentives


Well if you are one of the many who have taken TA-65 and understand the benefits, then please come out of the shadows and have your friends call me.  The more people who know about and embrace TA, the less likely it will be made illegal by regulators.

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