Nelson Mandela = A Great Soul

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Nelson Mandela was a great soul. I believe that telomerase activation can keep people alive almost indefinitely but for the time being, it is out of the financial reach of most.  There are so many other amazing souls that are lost daily and this since I don’t believe aging and death are normal in the post-telomerase activation world, I wanted to do something to stop the passing of these great people amongst us.

That is why I am creating a charity called

The purpose is to allow people to be sponsored for their telomerase activation by crowdsourcing, anonymous, corporate or personal donors.

Updates on the beneficiaries’ improvements will inspire and encourage more people to try telomerase activation.  And we would never have to lose the first hand witnesses to history such as survivors of genocides, inventors, explorers, artists… All the greatest souls amongst can and should now live on.



Please keep us in  your thoughts and prayers as we try to manifest this wonderful way redistributing wealth towards the cause of health.

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