Friday the 13th and the rhyming of history

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Once upon a time, powerful men walked the financial and civil halls of power at home whilst sending peasants’ and their children off to kill and die in the name of God’s glory in the Holy Lands. They amassed vast sums of wealth by loaning money to kings for the purpose of waging wars and they practiced secret rituals that bound them together.

Honor Columbus on this Day? I’d rather let Washington football fans keep their name…

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Many would default to the notion that revisionism of the Columbus story is a politically-correct act of sophistry engaged in by elitists and malcontents. They might argue that any reevaluation of Columbus Day is cynical because there is no absolute standard of good an evil; everything is just a matter of degrees and subject to moral relativism right? I mean Lincoln was probably a racist and MLK had affairs. So why not give Christopher Columbus a bye here?