Veteran’s Day – a poignant reminder

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On this solemn day, I want to share a the suicide letter of a Daniel Somers, an Iraq War veteran, to highlight that war is a very costly way to line the pockets of contractors and tribal warlords; the cost is the suffering left behind in the people who live with the memories.

Another recent article by Iraq veteran, Daniel Crimmins, went viral before it was removed from Reddit. He said “You grow up wanting to be Luke Skywalker, then realize you’ve become a storm trooper for the Empire.”

No amount of training or rationalization can quiet the dis-ease that comes with taking human life.  There was a great line in the movie, The Men Who Stare at Goats, where they said that the majority of soldiers in a real combat situation deliberately aim above the enemies because they subconsciously or consciously don’t want to kill.


To hear how TA-65 may have helped one Australian veteran with his PTSD and brain trauma, watch this video:


Today, I was reminded of how powerful adaptogens are in helping some people stabilize mood.  My patient called to report that after one year, she still has no depression while taking RECHARGE.  She had suffered her entire adult life with severe depression, was treated over 40 times with electroshock therapy, and had to stop her education because of her depressed mood.  It was very gratifying to hear her say that for the last year, she has had no depression and is less withdrawn, despite not taking any medications.

To understand how improved stem cell health through TA-65 or adaptogens may be helping, watch this video.

Let us not forget that depression is real and PTSD is real.  If you want to sponsor a Veteran to try RECHARGE, please contact me for a very special rate at

The meme of 22 veteran suicides a day is actually an underestimate. It is closer to 35 according to this article.


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