Why HGH is not a great idea

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Today, I had a very affluent patient present to me a long list of supplements and testing that he was taking.

I recommended he stop all supplements except TA-65, topical testosterone, and DHEA. I don’t like HGH because it is anabolic but low dose androgens as a replacement may have some role since he is 62-yo and has a normal prostate specific antigen level.

In this 2-minute video, I explain my views on HGH

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  1. Thank you Dr Park. Interesting perspective. I thought about this after Leonard Nimoy died. I have heard William Shatner is taking HGH, funny that he’s a bit more out of shape than Nimoy but he’s still here, and appears to be doing well. Could it be due to HGH?

    Also, would love to see you write something on the use of 23andme data and Epigenetics. What an affordable way of learning about one’s genetic makeup! I have done it and now am trying to find out more about what can be done with the results. I have been using Promethease, Livewello, and a few others. Still seeking answers and looking for more. Would love to hear your perspective – have you done it yet?

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      Hi Steve,

      I don’t know if Bill ever took the TA-65 that I offered him when we did the Moving America Forward interview. http://youtu.be/HUqQr05eNUc

      I just wrote to 23andme to see if they would comp me a test to try it out. Not a huge fan of SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) testing but I will reserve judgement until I try it out for myself.


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      1. So how does one supplement nutrition that you cannot get in the food, not to mention trying to battle chemicals? I have been taking supplements for years and they have helped me quite a bit. Of course, a lot mine are herbs.

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