Why HGH is not a great idea

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Today, I had a very affluent patient present to me a long list of supplements and testing that he was taking.

I recommended he stop all supplements except TA-65, topical testosterone, and DHEA. I don’t like HGH because it is anabolic but low dose androgens as a replacement may have some role since he is 62-yo and has a normal prostate specific antigen level.

In this 2-minute video, I explain my views on HGH

Leading expert in hormone reveals he’s taking TA-65

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My 12 minute interview with Dr. Thierry Hertoghe is worth a watch.  He discusses his own improved vision and exercise while taking telomerase activator, why doctors are increasingly more afraid of using hormone replacement, and how 70-year-olds will soon look like 30-year-olds.   http://youtu.be/VygDZlCWU7w If you are interested in learning about telomerase activators then visit rechargebiomedical.com Note: For a limited …

Anyone wanna help Lindsey Vonn?

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Lindsay Vonn was hurt yesterday while training and if you know her, please forward this video to her about repairing from sports injury that I did. It will certainly help her recover more quickly based on my 6 years of clinical experience.