Anyone wanna help Lindsey Vonn?

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Lindsey Vonn

Last year, I went flying off a Heavenly Valley terrain park half-ramp, 15 feet in the air and landed on my rib cage. I tore my intercostal muscle and it was excruciating to even breath. Weird coincidence was my patient of the same age, on the same day, had a skiing injury after colliding with a tree and fractured his clavicle and some ribs that ended up puncturing a lung.  He needed a pinning and some immobilization but healed rather quickly while taking TA-65.

I had been taking TA-65 for 5 years and my bones were so healthy and soft that I didn’t have any fractures. Within 3 weeks, I was doing power yoga without pain.

I met Lindsey’s famous boyfriend last year at the golf club where we are both members and talked to him briefly about how TA could help rebuild his ailing ligaments.  He asked if it was like HGH and I replied that it repaired stem cells instead of overworking them. Interested, he took my card but I never heard back.

Anyway, Lindsay Vonn was hurt yesterday while training and if you know her, please forward this video to her about repairing from sports injury that I did.  It will certainly help her recover more quickly based on my 6 years of clinical experience.

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