I am grateful that some of my newsletter subscribers have stepped out to speak on my behalf
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A little help from my friends

I am grateful that some of my newsletter subscribers have stepped out to speak on my behalf. If you have benefitted from taking TA-65 and have enjoyed my efforts to educate regarding telomeres and telomerase, please see this blog to see how you too can help.

Here are two of the amicus emails send thus far. I know there are many more of you out there that will kind enough to speak up on my behalf. Thank you in advance.

Dear Ms Rich,

I am a Canadian physician who has taken herbal derived telomerase
activation for over one year. I have read many of Dr Park’s writings and viewed a large number of his podcasts. I am well versed in the subject of aging and have a practice which is devoted to geriatrics in the main. Dr Park has always, in his work with which I am familiar, been extremely careful to remain within the bounds of medical fact as it is understood today.

I am very grateful to him for expanding my knowledge of the aging process and aiding my clinical expertise. He is an excellent and careful teacher and I would consider the removal of his work and writings from the public sphere as an act of vandalism which would damage the young science of aging. Although I am not American I would implore you to re-think the FTC action against Dr Park. Hopefully my plea will not go unheard by your organization and Dr Park will be allowed to continue with his dedicated education efforts,

Yours Sincerely,
W Hunter Blair M.B Ch.B

Ms. Rich

I am outraged by the recent attempt to silence Dr. Ed Park. He is being asked to not say certain things about telomeres, and their action upon the body, and products that increase the length of telomeres. The problem is that he knows to be true the statements he is making. He knows them, as they are based on Nobel Prize winning research; he knows them from witnessing the effect of telomere activation products on his patients; he knows them because he is a thorough research, and has researched the research.

Ed Park virtually single-handedly gave me a medical education on the physiology of the body through his video tapes. They are a treasure trove of thought, research, facts— all of which move our understanding of health and aging beyond what most thinkers and researchers have accomplished.

To force him to either renounce his scientifically and medically documented findings, or the alternative to face legal prosecution—this is a travesty. Unfortunately, it is happening more and more in this country.

 These actions on the part of our government must be stopped. I beg you, urge you, plead with you to take steps to stop this harassment against distinguished, well-educated  men of science and medicine (Ed Park graduated from Harvard with honors in Biological Anthropology prior to earning a Medical Degree and Masters in Public Health from Columbia University).


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