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Another happy convert

Here is another satisfied customer’s testimonial:


“Have been taking TA-65 2mo now 2 caps nightly .
My hair feels thicker, lots of energy and able to recover from exercise quickly daily !!!
My libido has greatly increased and orgasms are much stronger, my skin is much more radiant and muscle tone seems leaner! I think I’m definitely addicted to TA-65 Lol….. I think I will be a lifer with this supplement !!!!! ; )”

– Sherry (a 47-yo woman)

To learn why exercise recovery may be enhanced, watch this podcast that I did:


1 thought on “Another happy convert”

  1. David J. Laurie

    My thoughts (two cents worth) which is not worth a plug nickel , is that I would work on the telomere lengthening AND also work on the mitochondrial decay/dysfunction many of us seem to suffer from. The BioPQQ might help as well as th NR nicotinamide riboside from Niagen. Thanks again for the first hand accounts Dr. Park, we appreciate your candor and caring, kindness and compassion. Like you, I also lost my Father to a brain issues – mine is that my Father had a brain aneuryism or stroke in 1999. It seems the mitohondrial issues affect all that is a vicious path to go down – the Yellow Brick Road of sugar, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, bypass – morbidity..

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