Midway through his apotheosis, I sat down with mega influencer, Dave Asprey. Will the FDA lose its appeal to regulate autologous stem cells? What is a solstice?
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Musings from the MCO Orlando airport

It looks like my flight has been delayed over four hours so I will report three archived blogs that have got me thinking about dinner last night. I had a privilege of dining with a patient who is running an offshore stem cell clinic. In contrast to the religious zealotry of most stem cell providers, he was very open minded and willing to share his insights.

I am returning from the Dave Asprey 9th annual Biohackers summit. It was a massive, three-day event with many lectures and exhibitors. I was able to connect meaningfully with several of the speakers and treat them with exosomes, although not with Dave this time around.

Dave called me about 14 years ago, before his Bulletproof launch and his apotheosis, to ask about TA-65. Unfortunately, I think he has since stopped but I hope he reconsiders and resumes because it really is a great supplement.

Chatting with the mega influential Dave

Using your own stem cells

My patient impressed me a great deal with his understanding of immunology, regenerative medicine, and biochemistry. In contrast to many who are motivated mainly by money and status, he seemed genuinely able to pivot and consider the best ways to reengineer and circumvent aging. Last year, the FDA lost its case against a group using autologous stem cells but the case is in appeal. Nevertheless, this blog is still relevant; https://www.rechargebiomedical.com/why-is-it-illegal-to-use-your-own-stem-cells/

To understand better the difference between stem cells and exosomes, watch this video:

Slice of Life - the Solstice

Are you the least bit interested in Equinoxes and Solstices? If so, read this old blog. I personally forget it every time I relearn it, but if you are game, have at it!


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  1. Ralph Pullmann

    If you are interested in a 3D printed solar calendar I designed, let me know. Since it is latitude dependent, I would need to know the address of where you will mount it.

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