What is an equinox and what is a bank run?
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My apologies for not posting blogs recently. This week, a 200B bank failed and for those with deposits there, they may be faced with losing everything above the $250K FDIC insurance limit.

This blog explains what a bank run is. Sadly, most bankers I’ve spoken with don’t even know the term….If you have more than 250K in any one bank, you may consider spreading it to other institutions, just in case.



Nowruz Mobarek! (happy Persian New Year on Monday, March 20th)

I am reposting this reposting of an explanation of Persian New Year. Unlike Daylight savings time, which I have managed to not understand for 55 years, Equinoxes and Solstices are pretty intuitive to understand and the basis of most holidays


Update…My son did find his dream summer internship last year so thank you all and thank you, universe.   The younger one, who is studying film and TV still is looking for a production internship for this summer 2023

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