For the exosome posting, we explore dental health and problems and learn there is hope for tooth regeneration... In the telomere blog, we learn that most research assumes everything ages at the same rate but a simple thought experiment reveals that to be false.... In the slice of life blog, we discuss artificial intelligence and in doing so, discover how special human consciousness truly is
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Archives Week 12 – August 7th, 2022


EXOSOME BLOG- Dec 2nd, 2020

In this webinar, we discuss the fundamentals of dental health and why we are destined to loose all those teeth. But science may have solutions to regrow them so check out this video to learn more




Telomere Blogs – Nov 16, 2016

Inductive reasoning tells us everything ages at different rates. In honor of last week’s disclosure that depression is not the same as seratonin deficiency and that amyloid is the result and not the cause of Alzheimer’s, we deconstruct the false premise of most telomer research



Slice of Life Blog – Feb 3, 2019

Let’s take a dive into artificial intelligence. And in doing so, rediscover our own humanity

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