In this week's exosome blog, we review the possible impact of MSC exosomes on aging...in the telomere blog, we review a case of a man who became younger by telomere measurements and even resumed some growth and reclaimed better health...in the slice of life blog, we revisit a rooftop conversation with a bright young man who knew more about the workings of the modern world than any other young person I've met
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Archives Week 13- August 13th, 2022

EXOSOME Webinar “Aging”- March 21, 2021

Recently, I’ve received several new patients because friends noted they looked much younger. This webinar explains the possible role of exosomes in mitigating aging



Telomere Blogs – Feb 10, 2015

New life trajectory for man whose childhood illness stunted growth and damaged his immune system



Slice of Life Blog – Aug 9th, 2019

While on a vacation, I met a young man who was equally interested in history, conspiracies, and the Golem of American imperialism, which he was quite sanguine about.

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