This weeks archives features a video about erectile dysfunction, how telomere erosion causes Alzheimer's, and learn about the skeptic and comedy legend, Andy Kaufmann
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Archives Week 18 – October 17, 2022

Exosome Blog – Erectile Dysfunction

In this blog, we explore what causes erectile dysfunction, the P-Shot, and its newest replacement, the P-Shot with exosomes

Telomere Blog - Alzheimer's and short telomeres

List most things, short telomeres have been associated with Alzheimer’s Disease. Simply put, the death of neural stem cells causes a depletion of viable brain cells. Inflammation and amyloid are the results, not the cause of this problem.

Slice of Life Blog - Andy Kaufman, non-believer

This blog is about the comedian, Andy Kaufman, whose entire character, I feel, was formed by a white lie told by his parents.

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