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Beginner’s mind: The Etch-a-sketch and the “Brand New Day” phenomenon

From time to time, I go off TA to contrast how I feel.  I am always struck by what I believe is the most profound and noticible difference: the fact that on TA-65, every day is a brand new day- like shaking the Etch-a-sketch of your life.

For the last four days, I haven’t taken TA and so it feels distinctly like each day is a continuation of the past few days. In contrast, taking even a small amount of TA makes it feel like every day is unique and bearable, despite all the challenges and set backs.  As an aside, I believe laughter is the most universal of the traits of supercentenarians because laughter is the soul’s ability to shake it off (or shake it away in the case of the Etch-a-sketch) even while awake. Other people describe consciousness after TA sleep as a child-like or adolescent mindset similar to the Zen Buddhist concept of Shoshin.

Watch this video for more on why I believe the sleep efficiency is key to cleansing the residue of past:

Podcast on Dreams


If you ever need inspiration, here are two songs both entitled “Brand New Day” describing in song what it means to live each day as a new one:

 Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 10.45.26 AM


"Brand New Day - The Eurythmcs"

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