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Cannes you dig it? How to beat trans-Atlantic jet lag (and animal cruety)

I am very grateful to be invited by a friend to attend the Cannes Film Festival. I will be enjoying it from Wed to Sunday and might visit the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday.  Hope to meet some really cool people and see some awesome movies.

I left LAX Monday at 3PM and landed in Frankfurt after 11 hrs at 1:30AM LA Time and 10:30AM Local time. Only slept about 40 minutes after speed watching, “Gravity”, “Lost in Translation”, a 50-yr commemorative DVD about the making of “Kind of Blue”, “Godzilla”, “Modern Family  (Manny’s 12 bday?), and starting a book on “Gene Keys” and “Great Black Jockeys.”


1:30AM LA/10:20 AM Local

In order to combat jet lag, I took 4 TA-65 upon landing, spent all day in the sunlight, and walked barefoot on the ocean. 

2014-05-20 18.38.27

My friend, Dr. April Underwood, also said to keep my feet “grounded” to the plane metal and I don’t know if that helped (because I objected to the idea of a ‘grounded’ airplane) but to make a long story short, I feel pretty good despite being up for 31 of the last 32 hrs.


Anyhow, to learn about circadian rhythms, please watch this video I did on the subject:


Podcast 35: Circadian Rhythm

—————————–  now for my #MondayMusings

The book I was reading on the plane (“Gene Keys”) discusses synchronicity as the manifestation of syntropy, synthesis and synarchy. I’m still trying grasp his system of philosophical, genetic, cosmogony although it make take a while…

But I have noticed many synchronicites as of late. Just today, at the Nice airport, my car was parked in the space corresponding to one of my favorite websites, i09….


(cue "The Twilight Zone" music)

A few minutes ago, I went to post a picture of the i09 website and it featured an Indiegogo project from an acquaintance of mine, Preston Estep, who runs ran a company called TeloMe that was shut down by the FDA in the wake of the “23 and Me” personal lab/personal genomics crackdown.


"i09 - We come from the future"


This is also an eerie synchronicity in the side column because an Aussie MD was telling me in the office yesterday of how she was going to kill on of her 15 cows for meat because she can’t bear to think of it going to a slaughterhouse. As it ages, it is becoming ill.  I told her about the technology to make cloned meet in dishes that would appear and taste close to that sourced from a sentient being has been around (and was briefly owned by the Geron Corp).  This leads me to the fourth leg of this synchronicity quadraped which was staying up late Sunday being educated by April about how pet food is made from rendered animals and agricultural low grade refuse, which she believes is causing premature aging and death in our companion animals.

Perhaps my ramblings are indicative of a mind that needs rest so I will shut it down now.  But I do recall a lecture in one of my “Great Courses” about the nature of good and evil and the professor commented that the way we think about eating meat will someday be the way people talked about human slavery – “The Peculiar Institution”

I suppose that my #Mondaymusing is just this:  If all the people who tell me they are revolted by the idea of eating meet from a dish went to slaughterhouses and then did the side-by-side tast test of ribeye from petri glass versus ribeye from an animal they had to personally watch be killed, their revulsion would flip to face other way like a moral compass crossing the magnetic north pole.

Speaking of moral compasses, did you know PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) is in the business of selling stray pets as rendered pet food?  The “conspiracy theory” debunkers haven’t rolled out the apparatus on this one so it appears to be going unchallenged, even by PETA.   But to you really want diseased and drugged animals making up the Solyent Green that your companion animal eats in the name of corporate profit, er I mean “ethical treatment of animals?

Disclosure: I eat meat and plan to continue for the immediate future. Let’s make a cruelty-free artificial option that is affordable and sustainable.  Which reminds me that I should also blog about the Spaniard I sat next to from LA to Frankfurt with the solar tower in Nevada that recuperates its cost in only 8 years of generation free and sustainable electricity!  Very cool!

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  1. Terry Oldberg

    Dr. Park:
    Dr. Park:

    Thanks for the interesting report. I head for Europe in a week, will take 20 mg of cycloastragenol upon arrival and report back. Over many years I’ve employed the regimen at when traveling over many time zones and will do the same on this trip. The components of this regimen are diet, light level and consumption of melatonin at times selected by their model. It works for me.

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