Remember "Freedom Fries" when the pacifist French were critical of the Gulf Wars? Thank goodness the very real attacks upon Charlie Hebdo and 11/13 have awoken the French to the dangers of pacifism
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Conspiracy theorists should leave Paris alone

Readers of my blog will know that I am open to a lot of fringe ideas but there is one that I cannot get behind.  There is chatter that the Paris attacks were somehow staged and I must say that I find this truly offensive.

There is no possible way that you can account for all the cell phone footage from the concert and the graphic shooting and bombing footage that we have all seen go viral on the internet.

Logically, it would not possible be able to keep such a secret.  You can’t threaten or bribe people into pretending to play dead- they just wouldn’t give up their old lives.  Especially consider that the French have no tolerance for disinformation, as is evidenced by legislation banning conspiracy theorists.

Despite the supposed misfortune associated with Friday the 13th, it was very lucky that the Paris police were already on alert practicing for multi-site attacks or the death toll might have proven much greater.

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Let this one go, conspiracy theorists.  You can’t fool all the people all the time and the graphic footage of the bombed cafes, alley outside the concert, and Geraldo Rivera’s daughter’s moving testimonial should be enough to stop this nonsense in its tracks.


Remember “Freedom Fries” when the pacifist French were critical of the Gulf Wars?   Thank goodness the very real attacks upon Charlie Hebdo and 11/13 have awoken the French to the dangers of pacifism; the French military has already struck at the heart of ISIS with airstrikes.  Even though ISIS was stupid enough to think the French were a nation of effete intellectuals and existentialists, they will find their plans to intimidate them have backfired and that terrorism has only strengthened resolve of the people once too frightened to stand with US coalition to liberate Kuwait and Iraq.

P.S.- As a OB-GYN, let me can assure you that a pregnant woman can indeed hang for minutes from a window sill, even with one arm, if her life and her baby’s life depends on it.

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  1. Ed, I dont agree with those “risks of pacifism” you talk about. ISIS emerged precisely out of the absurd an illegal Second Gulf War and the disaster brought on Irak by the jingoes that promoted it. If there is somebody who should be blamed for the rise of integrism in the Middle East, that someone is George W. Bush and his stupid ideas of gun democracy. Here in Spain we got hit really hard, and our government at the time was not pacifist. But both Bush and Aznar think they have done good when even England admits invading Irak was a bad idea.

    What Europe should have done, however, was to step into the Syrian civil war a couple of years ago. That would have acted as a deterrent, but now like always, it is too late, and it is the people of the street that have to pay for the mistakes of their governments.

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