Cryptocurrency interview with Brent Nally

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In this interview, my friend Brent and I talk about a range of subjects listed below.

It is an hour long discussion about money, cryptocurrency, and anarchy. To learn more about anarchy, read this blog:


SHOW NOTES/TIME STAMP [1:00] Dr. Park & Brent are both open minded. Dr. Park introduces Brent. [2:25] What is anarchy? [7:00] Dr. Park’s 3 C’s of crypto. [13:00] What is Bitcoin/crypto mining, mining pools and hashing power? [15:00] What makes cryptocurrencies secure & how should you store them? [19:00] The US Dollar is used to fund terrorism more than any form of money on the planet. The Federal Reserve creates US Dollars. What are central banks & how powerful are they? [21:30] Why does the government need to be so large & get involved in so many aspects of our lives? [23:20] Idiocracy. Your opinions are not the same as facts. What are Bitcoin forks & how can you make money in crypto? [27:00] Who benefits from cryptocurrencies/blockchains succeeding & what should we focus on to get crypto success? [33:00] Focus on the long term fundamentals of BTC/BCH/crypto & don’t get caught up in short term minor problems or day trading. [39:40] Dr. Park believes blockchain voting is very important. How could this change reality? [41:40] What are network effects? Brent share the power of stories. [43:50] Bitcoin/crypto manipulation scenarios. Bitcoin is the largest supercomputer network on Earth. [46:40] Is Bitcoin/crypto just centralized crony capitalism? What’s to stop anyone from creating Bitcoin forks & what are forks? [49:00] Focus on the long term problems Bitcoin/crypto is trying to solve. [51:30] What’s the difference between a crypto bank & a crypto wallet? [55:20] What is an agent provocateur? [56:45] Here’s Brent’s YouTube crypto vlog playlist:… [1:01:57]


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