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“Dad Bods” are from aging, not caloric intake

Tonight, I was asked by my mom to drive 90 minutes to L.A. to have dinner with her and my aunt. I am really busy these days but I had a disturbing dream about her last night so I couldn’t refuse.

When I sat down to order, the waitress asked me “excuse me, are you Edward Park?”.  I looked over and a woman with a husband and child was smiling a bit too broadly at me for comfort. I reluctantly said yes…

It turns out that she was my patient and I delivered this beautiful daughter of theirs almost eight years ago.



The reasons she had to ask the waitress is because when I took care of her in 2007, I was easily 20lbs heavier and she wasn’t sure she recognized me.

Now I am not going to say I couldn’t still stand to lose 20lbs more but at that time, the weight loss was so extreme without diet or exercise that I hypothesized it must be cellular based and related to apoptosis. I believe the stem cells that were senescent died quickly and like with many of my patients, dramatic changes manifest after the descendants of those apoptotic stem cells die off by telomere erosion after copying themselves 40-70 times (approximately 3 months).

This dovetails well with a message I got from a friend and patient this Sunday which was a screenshot of her husband’s Instagram picture. He is literally just one day older than I am.  This shot was taken at an impromptu 30-year reunion of high school water polo teammates over the weekend.


She and her husband have been taking TA-65 and RECHARGE for over four years now and although he certainly works at it a lot more than I do, her comment to me was  “Hey Ed – Which of these 30 year reunion guys is taking Recharge?  Only one guess…”

The lean physique of 48-yo friend/patient (who is in the front with the light blue shorts) and my own sustained weight loss despite my “see-food” diet may not be attributable to any supplement, but it does make you wonder…

To learn why I believe that obesity and insulin resistance are forms of cellular senescence, please check out this video that I did on the subject.

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