Daylight saving time is bad for us

Ed Park, MD circadian rhythm, dr ed park, RECHARGE, sleep, TA-65, Telomerase Activation Medicine 1 Comment

National napping day follows change back to daylight saving time. I cannot stress the importance of getting good sleep enough. Your body has natural rhythms and when we disrupt them, we don’t function well.

If you want to understand the circadian rhythm, watch this video that I did explaining it in detail. When taking adaptogens like TA-65 and Recharge, some people who have very little sleep feel drowsy whereas people who sleep too much, require less. The ability of supplements to help adjust to changes makes them very helpful in combatting jet lag, in my experience.

I hope they do abolish daylight saving time because having to physically adjust to some archaic and arbitrary regime that goes against our biology is harmful.

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