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Everything I wanted to know about sex (and wasn’t afraid to ask!) – An Interview with Dr. Jen Landa

Watch this video – it is a hoot!

I had the pleasure of interviewing internationally-known medical doctor and authority in sexual desire, Dr. Jen Landa at the 2013 A4M conference.

Totally unprepared for my “tough” questions, she fielded them with humor, wisdom and aplomb.  What exactly is aplomb?  Watch Dr. Jen in the hot seat as she turns the tables and makes ME blush.


Dr. Jen Landa

The questions that I asked:

1) What is the normal frequency to have sex?

2) Is it essential that one or both partners climax during intercourse?

3) Is the modern, domesticated man sexually uninteresting next to the idealized Christian Grey archytype?

4) Are people naturally meant to have sex with just one person for their whole lives?  What is the alternative?



To see how telomerase activation can radically improve male sexual function,  see Podcast 15:

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To learn about how female libido and female fertility are related to telomerase activation, see this video.


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By the way, Nina, who is featured in this video, is now 43yo with her second normal baby nearly delivered! 

And, I just got this text a few days ago from a 42-yo patient who just got pregnant and engaged within two months of starting TA-65.  (results may vary but please be careful if you are taking it and think you are no longer fertile.  I have had 58 and 63 yo women resume ovulation after starting a TA although Sarah, Isaac’s mom, still holds the record at 90…)

text from Lena


If you are rightly incredulous but curious, then please don’t forget me when I ask for contributions to fund a trial on female fertility via my new non-profit for clinical trials, PROBONOTRIALS.ORG.  Thanks!

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