Fibromyalgia and Short Telomeres

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Just a brief note about a study published recently showing an association between fibromyalgia-associated pain and shortened telomeres.  Actually, I suspect confounding here but it is worth taking a look.


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To understand my theory of how fibromyalgia may be related and to hear about cases of anecdotal improvement after taking a telomerase activator, check out this video I did on the subject:


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Ed Park, MD

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  1. OMG………’maybe’ they have found an explanation!! as I could work 24/7 before I had 8 female surgeries…..NOW I cant vacuum 1 room without falling on the sofa in pain……..for days!! and THIS would mean there IS a ‘diagnostic test” for Fibromyalgia !! yeh……..

    1. nothing relative to the CR/resveratrol acteiatvd pathway involving the SIR1 and FOXO genes. Can you point me to any research citation that supports your comncern? My normal habit, incidentally, is to exercise 6 hours after and 4 hours before taking antioxidants.

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