Tech companies YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, iTunes, and Mailchimp all acted nearly simultaneously to deplatform Alex Jones and Infowars
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First they came for Alex Jones…

A few days ago, tech companies of YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, iTunes, and Mailchimp all acted nearly simultaneously to de-platform Alex Jones and Infowars.

So we revisit the old trope about the rise of fascism is the saying “First they came for _____, but as I wasn’t ___ I said nothing.”

On the face of it, his rants of a conspiracy to censor him appear to have come true. Whether you accept his interpretation of a globalist conspiracy is up to you but these tech giants definitely wanted him silenced and acted together.

The mainstream narrative is that Alex Jones is a peddler of conspiracy theories that serve a nefarious alt-right agenda of leading unsophisticated people into places that they should not go. “Trutherism” about the 9/11 attacks, Sandy Hook school shootings, and even gay amphibians are apparently a “gateway drug” to White nationalism and the rise of a Nazi dictatorship in many people’s manufactured view.

Let me now put my cards on the table. Owing to the non-stop and yet unproven Russian-Trump conspiracy theory/hate speech that has been a staple of mainstream media for a year and half, I have been unable to tolerate reputable news and instead I have also  watched a fair bit of Alex Jones and other independent news across the political spectrum to get some kind of non-filtered news and to be entertained. I like to believe that I am a free-thinker and therefore I can consider different opinions about his antics and not lose my mind and descend into some alt-right cult as a result of listening to InfoWars.

My best conclusions about about Alex Jones for those that haven’t listened to him and his show now follows:

  1. Alex Jones is a character played by former comedian, Bill Hicks, who faked his death and was put up to this live-action role playing by a  CIA mastermind named Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who genuinely believes there is a deep state that works against the best interests of the Republic.
  2. Almost all of what he says is ultimately or in real-time corroborated by so-called “reputable media sources”
  3. His audience callers are sometimes not very discerning and may harbor racist tendencies against Jews in particular but mostly against liberals and the so-called “deep state”.
  4. The official sentiments of the hosts, guests, and most of the callers is not ostensibly racist but rather Libertarian and pro-American. They eschew Naziism, White Supremacy, and violence and instead paint themselves as victims of liberal fascism in the guise of Antifa, social justice warriors, and an Orwellian conspiracy of thought policing.

It is telling that when the New York Times tweeted whether Twitter should also ban Alex Jones, 78% of those responding said no.

Even Jimmy Dore, a liberal talk show comedian who openly despises Alex Jones and everything the right wing stands for, states that de-platforming of Infowars is a violation of the commons of free speech. And he better worry because in the round up of politically incorrect “hate speech”, progressives on the left like him are next. The attacks on the Greens and
“Bernie-Bros” as disloyal spoilers at best and Russian moles at worst are already rising.

Either we all have free speech or we allow the same companies that sold our social media data to election meddlers and the same mainstream media that sold us the ruinous and illegal wars of the past to determine what is acceptable thought and speech. Robert Muller openly accepted Chalaby’s fabrications and presented them to the Congress to justify the Iraq invasion and yet he is now the darling of the left?

I find it hypocritical that a NYT editor openly tweets hateful comments about a so-called race of “white people” and she is defended but when an African-American woman switches the groups, she was suspended.

Regarding human-pig chimeras, raising concerns about the simple narratives around complex events like 9/11 and Sandy Hook, I believe he has the right to ask questions and even the duty to do so since the mainstream media will not even question things like the official single shooter narrative of the Vegas shootings. Regarding “gay frogs”, my old friend from college actually did get attacked by corporations for whistleblowing about gender transformation in frogs from atrazine  and just today, a jury awarded a man $289 million for cancer he says was caused by the ubiquitous pesticide, Roundup. Jones frequently rants against pesticides as a depopulation initiative. But maybe it’s just a way to kill germinating plants with unintended side effects?

No, I don’t believe there is a Reptilian, Satanic, and globalist cabal but now that he is banned, more people might be inclined to accept his crazy theories. Since being de-platformed, the InfoWars app already the number four news app ahead of major outlets like CNN so like Tropic of Cancer or other banned media, it appears to have made more people interested.

Is there a “war for your mind” as Alex Jones has been ranting? Perhaps. Was there a conspiracy to censor him? Definitely. Should his speech, when compared with Sarah Jeong, Louis Farrakhan, and Rosie O’Donell, be called out for “hate speech”? Not unless you believe that the freedom to say unpopular or misinformed ideas is trumped by a clear and present need to push a political agenda and control the narrative to a monolithic view.

I recall crazy Alex alleging that voter fraud is accomplished by allowing people to vote for dead people who haven’t been purged from the roles. I thought he was nuts. Yet just today, something came over my email feed about a person asking whether there were really 170 people over the age of 116 eligible to vote in yesterday’s Ohio 12th district. See this article from the AARP site.

Now I would love to believe that there is an amazing “Blue Zone” of healthy voters there, but this may be yet another case in which the crazy Alex Jones, not the mainstream media, got something right.

There used to be a lot of people who defended the Constitution and The Bill of Rights but nowadays, many young people’s minds have been Balkanized to the point that white kids hate white supremacy, rich kids hate capitalism, “cis-gendered, heterosexual, non-disabled people” hate on other cis-gendered hetero-normative, “abilist” people.

The “Special Victims Unit” of liberal American politics has become so ridiculous that they are calling for the condemnation of anyone who is a “normie” and “ableist” (showing preference for not being disabled). Anyone who doesn’t decry the injustice of whiteness, heteronormativity, Islamophobia, closed borders, gender based pronouns, normal chromosome numbers, and capitalism should be de-platformed, attacked, and demeaned.

It is in this context that the new Democratic diaspora, or the #Walkaway movement are happening. As someone who is solidly progressive and voted for Jesse Jackson and liberals since I could vote, it seems astonishing that the people suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome at the hands of the media and their collaborators cannot see that denying the free speech of people you disagree with and then hatefully accusing them of hate speech is a very ironic way to combat fascism.

They say that when you point a finger, notice there are three pointing back at you. The tech giants banning Alex claim that he was peddling dehumanizing hate speech (like calling Trump supporters Nazis and calling for public shaming of his cabinet and rape of his son), spreading division by creating fascist unity (like attacking Kanye West), and peddling fake news (examples too numerous to count). Alex Jones states that the attacks against patriarchy, heteronormalcy, gender identity, race-based party affinity, Christianity, and border enforcement are part of a concerted effort. Let us hope that he is wrong and that we are all working towards a more perfect and inclusive union under the Constitution with equal protection under the law.

I don’t know, but we should at least consider the possibility that the Russian-Trump conspiracy theory was contrived. Lets see how it plays out. It is looking like the problem of hubris may come around to bite some people in the behind and that may be the real reason they silenced InfoWars. The people who live off of a police state forgot that everyone is being spied on and are now having to read and explain their text messages, emails, and meetings before Congress with FBI counsel redacting much of the content for unclear reasons.

It appears that other spooks, like the ones who invented Alex Jones counter disinformation character, have been watching the watchmen and they may have a very different story to tell in the coming months, with or without their bombastic mouthpiece, the non-person Alex Jones who now tweets from his memory hole of internet social media oblivion.

I close with the lyrics from an Elton John/Bernie Taupin song, Madman Across the Water:

I can see very well
There’s a boat on the reef with a broken back
And I can see it very well
There’s a joke and I know it very well
It’s one of those that I told you long ago
Take my word I’m a madman, don’t you know

Once a fool had a good part in the play
If it’s so would I still be here today
It’s quite peculiar in a funny sort of way
They think it’s very funny everything I say
Get a load of him, he’s so insane
You better get your coat dear
It looks like rain, yeah

We’ll come again next Thursday afternoon
The in-laws hope they’ll see you very soon
But is it in your conscience that you’re after
Another glimpse of the madman across the water

9 thoughts on “First they came for Alex Jones…”

  1. Concerned citizen

    Alex Jones is poisonous. His hatred has become pervasive across this country. Shutting him down protects our humanity as this cult is out for supremacy regardless who they hurt physically or emotionally.

  2. Thank you so much for your very intelligent synopsis of what is going on. It is, indeed, a very unusual world we are living in nowadays. Sometimes it does seem a little 1984 ish.
    I gave up tv decades ago because it insulted my intelligence. My friends don’t seem insulted by the very same stuff, only now it is called news.

  3. Timothy Adamson

    “Regarding human-pig chimeras, raising concerns about the simple narratives around complex events like 9/11 and Sandy Hook, I believe he has the right to ask questions and even the duty to do so since the mainstream media will not even question things like the official single shooter narrative of the Vegas shootings.” Alex Jones has a duty to ask whether Sandy Hook was a false flag because the MSM accepts the one-shooter view of the Vegas police? So he also must have a duty to ask whether Hilary Clinton runs a pedophile ring because the media was slow to catch the Catholic Church protecting pedophiles. Are you really a doctor with a mind that “works” like that?

    Alex Jones peddles a new conspiracy every 30 seconds, and he just keeps churning them out. His claim that Obama and Clinton smell like sulfur and have flies buzzing around them might be one of your favorites, because the MSM refuses to ask whether Nancy Pelosi eats babies in a satanic ritual under the capitol. If only the media were more reasonable, fair, and balanced, Alex Jones wouldn’t have to say all these troubling things. But since they refuse to look for the lizard people, we need his courageous voice.

    1. Thanks for the post. On this day when “Reality Winner” was sentenced for leaking…it appears that we are all losers in reality. The statement I would agree with is that the media forgot to pretend to be objective and that has made a big difference. Oh well

    2. @timothy, apparently you are the by-product of singular myopic thinking where to question the powers that be(liberal media and government) immediately conjures up radical conspiracy theories. There is no such thing as a conspiracy in so much as asking uncomfortable questions just creates this knee jerk head in the sand protectionism that you exhibit abundantly. I have no doubt you think the Bruce Ohr’s and Peter Strzok’s of the world are heroes, so why bother complaining about Park’s free thoughts, you obviously have none of your own.

  4. You start with Alex Jones is played by Bill Hicks who faked his own death and then the CIA created and planted the Alex Jones character and you call Infowars fake news? LOL get real dude.

    1. Not sure what part of this you don’t think is real. The C I A is not monolithic and it appears that Dr. Steve Pieczenic was the architect. I believe their intent was to provide alternatives to the mainstream media, which is too aligned with power and prestige to fulfill the mission of critical analysis and transparency.

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