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Guess who is calling for a living wage?

Pop Quiz: I was watching an interview tonight and heard these statements verbatim:

“We ought to do better by people that are left behind by our capitalist system that has over $60k GDP per capital. I believe that anyone that is willing to work 40 hours a week and have a couple of kids should not have to have to have a second job.”

Was it:


A.) Bernie Sanders (the democratic socialist who wants a political revolution against the billionaire class)

B.) Andrew Yang (the presidential candidate who warned of machines taking our jobs and advocated universal basic income of $1,000 a month)

C.) Warren Buffet  (the 80-billionaire investing maven and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway)


The answer is, of course.










C.) Warren Buffet!

The 89-year-old’s interview on CNBC five days ago is fascinating and entertaining and he even addresses questions about the Coronavirus and its impact upon stocks.  I have cued it up to the point where he discussed the Democrat candidates but feel free to watch it from the start.


Here is a higher order critique of capitalism by Nick Hanauer who deconstructs and critiques neoliberal economic theory in general. The speaker takes a rather deep and morally-centered dive into the subtext of what Warren can only chuckle around in his interview. It sounds like he wants to save capitalism by fixing it.

He says “being rapacious doesn’t make you a capitalist, it makes you a sociopath!”


2 thoughts on “Guess who is calling for a living wage?”

  1. Money and power are interchangeable. Take away the arena of money and you end up with totalitarianism. Capitalism is GOOD because it preserves the rights of the individual. An employee is not a victim in a robust economy where companies have to compete not only for customers but also employees. The arrogance of thinking you have to ‘give’ quality of life to another is disgusting! Instead, believe in them and DON’T STAND IN THEIR WAY! If you are a parent, your biggest job is to cultivate self-belief in your kids. Same if you are a teacher. My point is, when people believe in themselves, no matter what stands in their way, they will succeed. There will always be the arrogant elite. But they are nothing but a minor nuisance to those who believe in themselves. On a side note, there is no shortage of the arrogant elite in healthcare. But they have no claim on those who take responsibility for their care and believe they can, somehow, find what they need to know. The true value of capitalism has nothing to do with money. It is the celebration of the individual! The right to self-determination. The right to own property, your thoughts, your speech. The right to determine your course through life. The titans of industry have no claim on me. I can choose not to work for them. I can choose to not have an iPhone. I can choose to have nothing to do with Facebook, etc. Take the blinders off and try to see all those clamoring to make you a victim. Astounding! Poor me if I can’t buy this or that. Poor me, poor me, poor me. Absurd! My life is MINE. When the time comes to take that last breath, when I can’t take one more step, when it’s time to fly, I will have a smile on my face and love in my heart. I will thank God for the best life ever! How I get to that moment is up to me, and I will not fail. Because I believe in myself. That frees me to believe in you, whoever you may be. That is quality of life, and there is no price tag on it.

  2. Dale Robinson

    Salary caps save all the major sports leagues. The can save the world. Unfortunately the world does not want to be saved.

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