My 84yo client is growing dark hair in his beard and people are always asking him why he looks so much younger than his age.
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Hair pigmentation restored after telomerase activation

Two weeks ago, I wanted to blog about a gentleman who wrote to me about wanting to purchase my adaptogenic supplement, Recharge. I didn’t even know his was taking it as he was ordering from a distributor.

It struck me that there are many common themes in his story. Firstly, he said he had been taking nearly 8 capsules daily for two years. During that time, his wife, a devotee of standard medicine, had passed away.

In contrast, this 84-yo man defeated his own oropharyngeal cancer and is feeling good and optimistic. He is growing dark hair in his beard and people are always asking him why he looks so much younger than his age.

Finally, he has always mistrusted the medical establishments to keep him healthy.

So in conclusion, the typical patient of mine is open-minded, empirical, and skeptical.

When I get these calls, I too am skeptical. Yet I have nearly fifty podcasts with testimonials of clients experiencing amazing results on my YouTube channel, “drpark65”.

If you don’t believe that hair can darken, watch this podcast of Soledad, a 114-yo woman whose hair turned black after taking Astragalus derivative.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that telomere attrition is a contributing factor to hair depigmentation. Here is one such article.

The repigmentation of mice hair was shown with telomerase activation in this study from Spain

And also this study from Harvard:


Finally, I am 51-years old and while I used to have grey hairs on my head ten years ago, I don’t now. Just a few grey whiskers. FYI I don’t take any medicines and have only been on adaptogens for 11 years now.

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  1. Hi Have You several distributirs in europe ? I tried to buy from one and it did not work out. ( might be because i am in Norway – not part of EU ? )

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