Repigmentation of the hair is a common side effect of MSC exosome therapy
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Hair repigmentation

This weekend, I had the pleasure of treating two very special people. One is a 91-yo woman whose life was transformed by having exosomes to relieve her post-Covid arthritis and the other is a 77-yo man who has been taking exosomes for erectile function and wellness.

Both commented that their hair was returning in a pigmented state!

In a nutshell, hair pigment is highly correlated with aging and the diseases of premature aging show this. But regular aging also features loss of pigment from the melanin-producing stem cells becoming terminally differentiated. That means they are no longer stem-like. If repigmentation is occurring, we can infer that some stemness is returning to the relevant melanocytes.

ML, a 91-yo woman

One of my college friend’s mother lives alone in rural northern California. This was her fifth treatment. In 3/2021, she had a total body flare of all her joint arthritis 30 minutes after receiving a Pfizer mRNA spike protein injection. For a year, her pains were severe in the hands, feet, neck, and back.

Only four days after her first injection with 8B IV and 2B nasal exosomes, her cognition improved and her joint pains resolved.

She noted that she hasn’t had eyebrows for many years but that now they are returning with some pigment. Also, the hair on the back of her head has many black hairs returning

This weekend was her fifth injection and she graciously played “What a friend we have in Jesus” on her organ for me

77-yo man with erectile dysfunction

SR is a brilliant man who has been a trainer, therapist, music producer, and many more things in his accomplished life. His history is notable for being a biohacker. Faced with post-vaccine polio (a rare complication they call transverse myelitis), he has always had to fix his own problems. He cured his own Peyrone’s disease (penile curvature) using DMSO years ago.

He also had Mad Hatter’s disease (Lead poisoning) which he survived through vigorous chelation. This was his ninth treatment and he always takes at least 20B exosomes. Over the course of the last year and a half, he reports his shoulder, glutes, cognition, and erectile function have all improved. 

Interestingly, his long-term Lomilomi masseuse also noted the prominent repigmentation of his body hair and his eyebrows have become black again.

To learn more

Check out this blog with links and references to more information about hair loss and pigmentation.

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  1. Dr Park: 2 months ago you gave my 73 year old brother exosomes in his spine and injected the nasal cavities. He too has thicker hair and blonder with no grays. His mobility issues for PD are slightly improved. just an fyi.

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