International Longevity Day (Oct 1) is unintentionally ironic

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Today, is International Longevity Day because the United Nations declared this day the International Day of Older persons.

Unfortunately, this world is asleep to the incredible irony of this. It would be like creating national oral hygeine day on a day honoring the rights of toothless people.

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You see…if you want to honor and protect older persons, that is wonderful.  If you want to encourage longevity, that is also fantastic.  But if you want to increase longevity, your goal is to prevent people from getting old…


Think about that for a moment. The best way to increase longevity is to get older, s-l-o-w-e-r or to reverse those effects.   Why would a day encouraging longevity be mated to the day honoring those who are already victims of aging?  Is this cognitive dissonance or Orwellian psy-ops?  Of course not.

The reason why this makes perfect sense to 99.999% of people is that they don’t really think there will ever BE a cure for aging. 

Of note, there is a plethora of scientific research showing telomeres being centrally important to aging yet respected leaders in our anti-aging field like Aubrey DeGrey, interviewed by Ray Kurzweil here, do not include telomeres in an anti-aging strategy.



When we rally around a “War of Aging”, like the “War on Cancer” or the “War of Drugs” it is tantamount to saying that we are invested in the eternal existence of cancer or illicit drug use.  If we wanted to solve problems, we would call it a “prevention and destruction of cancer” or a “solutions to the problems associated with illicit drug use”. To read about perpetual war, check out this blog.  To hear my radical ideas about living hundreds of years, watch this video:

So why should you support my legal defense fund for free speech regarding telomerase ??????? (7)activation?  Because I am a unique voice for keeping our eyes on a cure for, not a war on, aging.

If the FTC succeeds in preventing me from educating people about telomerase activation, then who will would have the chutzpah to make THIS the face of international longevity day?  If you wish to donate, please visit this page and read all the amazing encouragement we are getting:

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