Interview with Dr. Aubrey de Grey, founder of SENS

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In this 12-minute interview, recorded at the 2017 RAADfest (Revolution Against Aging and Dying), I interviewed founder and Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation. SENS is the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence.


Aubrey discusses the challenges of cryonics of humans. We discuss uploading consciousness and the challenges of emulating and interfacing machine with human consciousness. Dr. de Grey explains why caloric restriction has been known for 80 years and how it extends lifespan, touching upon the role of sirtuins to extend natural lifespan.

We also discuss the meaning of autophagy (how cells procss waste products to optimize cell function and stave off aging). He explains why apoptosis is usually a good thing, and will be coupled with agents to accelerate this cell death once we have high quality stem cells to replenish them.

Finally, he goes on record and predicts when aging will be cured…(SPOILER ALERT)  It’s sooner than you think!



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