Murine hepatitis model validates my Stem Cell Theory of Aging and Disease

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Google alerts for “telomeres” posted this interesting study validating my idea that replicative senescence is at the heart of liver disease.  They engineered mice to have poor telomere repair and then watched as the large cell liver histology typical in hepatitis and cirrhosis developed.

It is the need for the organ to copy cells in response to damage that accelerates the presentation.

The reason that incessant ovulation (no pregnacies and no birth control pills) increases risk of ovarian cancer and that chronic exposure to smoke increases the risk of lung cancer may be mediated by nothing more than the need to copy those stem cells faster than those cells can repair and maintain their genetic integrity and telomere length.

That’s why I say “There is only one disease with a thousand faces”.  For more information on my Universal Stem Cell Theory of Aging and Disease, see my website or purchase my book, Telomere Timebombs: Defusing the Terror of Aging

For more information about hepatitis, watch this webinar that I did on the subject.  I checked in with subject, Daryl, last week and happily, he continues to be well and is still taking the TA-65.



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