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“N of one” precision medicine

At the Age Management Medicine Group conference in November, 2016, I sat down with Dr. Florence Comite, a speaker and provider of leading edge personalized health care.

Interestingly, Dr. Comite began to take and offer TA-65 primarily because her patients, who are affluent and educated, asked that she offer it in her practice.

She has positively re-branded what was traditionally a derogatory concept for physicians in training: the “n of one”, which was code for discounting anecdotal studies and cases.

In this brief interview, Dr. Comite discusses some general things that people can do to personalize their health. People pay a lot of money to consult with her and she is able to measure a wide range of things from your total genome sequence, metabolism, and body composition for starters. Here is a screenshot from her website,

For a more philosophical discussion of the use of biostatitics to make inferences for patient care, read this blog critiquing the cult of the randomized controlled trial.

The premise of using a randomized controlled trial to elucidate causation is fundamentally flawed. For true understanding, we need bench research. Sometimes if there is a 5% rate of reaction to a new drug, that could represents a 100% presence of a gene variant in 5% of the population. Think about the value of precision and then apply that to yourself- that is the premise of precision medicine.

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