“N of one” precision medicine

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At the Age Management Medicine Group conference in November, 2016, I sat down with Dr. Florence Comite, a speaker and provider of leading edge personalized health care. Interestingly, Dr. Comite began to take and offer TA-65 primarily because her patients, who are affluent and educated, asked that she offer it in her practice. She has positively re-branded what was traditionally …

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Healthy lifestyle choices lengthen telomeres

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It appears that healthy choices make your telomeres longer. How is this happening? Increased telomerase activity? How is that happening? Probably better quality sleep and decreased cortisol levels, inflammation, and damage to stem cells. To learn a grand unified theory of aging and disease that dovetails with this clinical research, read “Telomere Timebombs: Defusing the terror of aging”