Olympians may age – but my patients just get stronger and faster with each year

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I’ve been noticing the rampant ageism in Olympic and all sports commentary for that matter.  In the post-TA world, people need to be careful about what they mean when they say “at his/her age” because I have many examples of athletes getting stronger and faster in their 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th decades of life.

People act like the 40-year-old Norweigian Biathelete, Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, is some kind of freak for winning 13 medals over 16 years.

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen



Take my 60-yo patient, Hannes Richter, for example. Three years ago, at age 57, he had ZERO experience in endurance sports like cycling, running, and swimming. He has been taking 4-6 capsules nightly of TA-65 for three years and every year he gets stronger.  After starting TA-65, he took up competitive endurance sports and even half-triathalons. He is 6% body fat and based on this recent picture, that even seems high:


Hannes Richter at 60

Hannes confirmed my recollection of his progress in this email that he sent me today:

“Yes, 6% body fat, if my new scale is accurate. Had never done endurance sports before [starting TA], no triathlons or marathons. My races before 60 I was about middle of my age group. Last season when I turned 60 I did 5 races, medaled last three, and last race was half ironman. Taking 4-6 nightly for three years, Still getting better!        -Hannes”

There are many athletes, actors, and rock stars who are taking TA-65 secretly so the next time you see someone staging a late-career comeback and/or looking better than your ageist mind thinks they should, stop and wonder whether they are taking advantage of telomerase activation like Hannes.


 To learn more about the link between exercise performance and TA, check out this video:

Podcast 11: Exercise


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