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Archives Week 8 – May 22, 2022

What are some of the risks of exosome usage?

When you test exosomes for ingredients, they will show as just normal saline…unless you know how to look

Numerous studies prove that the risk of dying from Covid correlates with shortened telomeres.

With comedians being physically reprimanded for their jokes, is only ageism the last remaining “ism” that you can joke about?

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Ageism: the last funny “ism”

In a society that practices blatant ageism for mate and job selection, there are compelling reasons why a person would self-identify as younger.

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92-yo woman breaks record for running the marathon

In the war against aging, are you like a hopeless Athenean, ready to hand over the keys to the city? Perhaps you haven’t heard the news yet? Our battle against the relentless foe of aging is being won with the help of telomerase activation.

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Is a sprint between two 90-year-olds an ageist spectacle?

If we couldn’t see their faces and didn’t know their ages, we wouldn’t think this was very athletic. Someday soon, we will not consider age to be very important and the existence of a contest between two genetically-damaged individuals will not be elevated to a noble spectacle but will seem exploitative.

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