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Prince has died- but long live the Queen

Today, American musical legend, Prince, died whereas Queen Elizabeth II turned 90.

Prince was not in great health recently although by most accounts, he was an otherwise fit vegan until he caught this recent flu that may have contributed to his death.

Sadly, there are conspiracy theorists already spinning tales of assassination because they think Prince’s outspoken comments about the so-called “chemtrails” and New World Order went too far.

I see these trails all over my city all the time and I can’t believe anything nefarious is going on. I’m sure that if there were any truth to these wild theories, someone would have come forward.


Those conspiracy nuts feel somehow Queen Elizabeth sits atop some New World Order conspiracy that rules through secret societies and shadow government organizations and think tanks.   These lunatics point to a child Elizabeth doing the Nazi salute but this was before Hitler was a madman and just a charismatic leader of a resurgent Germany.


I think we can all agree that Prince was a talented artist that left us too soon but the fact is that especially as a Jehovah’s Witness, he may not have been willing to take some treatments, such as blood transfusion, when he checked into the hospital just before he died.  Perhaps the viral illness he was fighting left him with low blood counts?


There are a lot of people who get carried away with government conspiracies.  Shockingly, I was surprised to learn that the prestigious British medical journal, The Lancet,  has joined the disinformation ‘truther’ cause by classifying fluoride as a neurotoxin on par with mercury, lead, and arsenic!

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Fluoride is a by product of Aluminum production and was added to the water supply after research sponsored by the Aluminum manufacturers indicated it would be a good thing to do.  It prevents caries and therefore we use it in our toothpaste daily, so again, why would we do that unless it were safe?

A lot of people use water supply fluoridation as an classic example of wacko conspiracy theories. It was even the reason Gen Jack D. Ripper started Armageddon in the move Dr. Strangelove.  The movie was a farce, not real…although ironically, it did turn out that notion of former Nazi’s holding powerful positions in a Cold War American policy and scientific advisory roles is somewhat true via Operation Paperclip, surely the fluoridation fears are baseless.

Someday, we may understand why these planes are flying in grid patterns overhead and why their emissions linger in our skies but for now, we have to assume that if there were something going on, the authorities would let us know or at least we can all agree that such a coverup would be impossible to pull off. Any fool can plainly recognize this fact.

Perhaps Prince and Merle Haggard said some stupid and reckless things about chemtrails but that doesn’t mean they were murdered for it.  It makes more sense that Merle was old and Prince had god knows what other problems going on in addition to the flu.

Even this song by Prince, Truth, indicates that the introverted genius may have been a little too prone to flights of fancy.


What if half the things ever said turned out to be a lie
How will you know the truth?
If you were given all the answers and you stopped to wonder why
But how will you know the truth?

Everybody’s got a right to love
Everybody’s got a right to lie
But the choice you make ain’t no piece of cake
It ain’t no MF piece of pie


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