You should always focus on the quality of your relationships rather than the quantity of them
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Quality versus quantity

RAADfest 2018

This year, I returned to RAADfest and since much of the content was the same, if you would like to hear some the interviews that I did last year, they are as follows:

SENS director Aubrey de Grey:
Gene Therapy CEO Liz Parrish:
AI pioneer Peter Voss:

I had two interesting interviews that I will post to YouTube and some insights into Ray Kurzweil and Sophia the robot, so stay tuned for those blogs.

I was most happy to run into a mother/daughter that had tired my Recharge brand last year and have been taking it since. It reminded me that you should always focus on the quality of your relationships rather than the quantity of them.

Mom shared that she had intense dreams for a week or two until she then became the heroine of her dreams. Oddly, this is not an uncommon report and it has to do with the subconscious being able to problem solve better than the conscious, demon-possessed mind can ever do.

Interestingly, they also follow the blogs and participated in the myDNAge test of epigenetic age. I was happy to hear that mom was -5 years and daughter -10. To learn more about the epigenetic clock,

To learn more about the effects of adaptogens on dreaming, watch this video:


Interestingly, I had a friend tell me yesterday that her dreams have lead to a burst of creativity and another 90 minutes of sleep nightly to her woefully inadequate 4.5hrs nightly slumber.  She also gave it to her 16-yo son who had such deep sleep that he woke up groggy. Oh, and it helped his hitting slump in baseball…

To understand how sleep is quantized, read this blog.  Most people don’t know or don’t believe that every human that has ever lived wakes up every 90 minutes. But it is true. To understand about sleep and the demons that we host to run our consciousness, read my book, The Telomere Miracle.


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