A remarkable recovery is under foot for this 75yo man with severe leg disease
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Saint Thaddeus – and his namesake

BTJ is a 75yo man who was introduced to my work via a common friend and watching a podcast that I did. He did a lot of due diligence with my videos and decided exosome therapy might help his chronic severe leg disease. After a comprehensive workup at the Mayo Clinic, they could find no cause nor treatment for his neurovascular insufficiency and resultant problems. 

He has cold, swollen, red feet and red legs. He can barely feel his feet due to neuropathy and the calf muscles are severely atrophied. These is one of his feet weeks before treatment:

On 4/8/23, I made a house call to treat his lumbar spine with 6B exosomes and 7.5B into each of his posterior thighs, using ultrasound to guide them into the nerves and around the arteries. 

This pictures shows his atrophied, red legs on the day of treatment. The other shows the top, treated leg turning whiter before our very eyes.

Of note, his progress (in his own unredacted words below) has been amazing with no further need for calf/ankle/foot prosthesis and continued return of circulation, sensation, and muscle cramps which we hope are a harbinger of return of function. His tennis elbow went away and his back pain is gone too.

This picture from only two days after treatment shows visible veins where there were previously none, perhaps indicating improved blood flow to (and back from) the legs:

While I first treated him, his wife and I were astounded to see the treated leg turn white before our very eyes. My patient told me his middle name is Thaddeus (aka the apostle Jude), who is the patron saint of desperate causes. Perhaps we have him to thank but we continue to hope for more gains for this gentlemen. Here are two weeks worth of his notes. To learn more about poor circulation, which is common among older people, watch this video:


Exosome Journal

4/8/23 Day of Treatment- 7.5 b equally into each leg artery and nerve sheath6 b epidural in lumbar. Procedure was aided by precise placement through Doppler ultrasound. Lidocaine made it painless.

 4/8- Throughout the day after treatment, I felt a menthol like sensation in both feet…a combination of coolness and warmth. Typically feet feel very cold especially at bedtime. Tonight, cold, but not as much. Noticed that approximately 12 hours after treatment, the veins on both hands were greatly dilated. Dilation and protrusion on forearms also, but more significant on my hands.

 4/9- Morning: Vascular system is still engorged. Notice some veins in my calves I have never seen. It seems there is a better color in my feet that is more pink and less red/purple.

Afternoon: I have stayed barefoot all day. Unusual. I have felt a bit more connected to the ground. Felt a “heaviness” Dr said may occur, however not in an extremity, but my face and head. Difficult to describe. Napped.

Throughout the day, the color of my feet has changed from the deep red/purple that is typical, to more reddish/pink. The 2” dark purple “stamp mark” varicose pattern on my ankle that has been there for two years has faded and is noticeably lighter.

 Evening: Very hungry in spite of eating not long ago. Continuing to feel even more connected to the ground when barefoot. Feeling sleepy early.

 4/10- Good sleep, very deep. Feet normal color this morning. Slight edema in right foot. Greatly reduced…there has been chronic edema there since a clot event (DVT) in my right calve in 2021.

There is still vein dilation in my hands and calves. Right calve has pronounced vein pattern in the back.

Throughout the day my feet felt more sensation to touch, and a feeling of connection to the ground. No cold feet at the end of the day!

 4/11- Restless night getting to sleep, but when I got there it was sound and deep. Both feet are a normal color and the right foot edema is not present. Skin touch sensations are improving.

 4/12- Have developed a head cold. Dr. says sometimes with treatments immunity lightens up. Not a serious bout. Keeping it at bay with zinc and vit C.

 4/13- Cold much lighter today. Veins in both calves more prominent as my body is increasing blood flow and bringing them back on line. I see veins down the front of both shins and branches to my feet. Sensations are varied. Both feet are lightly tingling reminding me of being a child at the roller ring, and feeling the vibrations after skates were removed. My balance is a bit better, and barefoot touch to the floor delivers a more positive feeling of contact. I feel the temperature of the floor.

4/14- Cold gone. Sensations continue. No new changes.

4/15- I noticed the tennis elbow I have had for years is gone! I was once told I had tardy ulna palsy. My right elbow has always reacted with pain after repetitive activities such as gardening, painting, or working out. Pain is no longer there…in spite of heavy workouts.

4/16- A full week behind me. The past two days, I have felt very energized. Calve veins still prominent and dilated. I am seeing more of them. I am hoping the blood supply is returning with a vengeance. Have not worn leg braces since treatment (I truly don’t feel I need them anymore), and my gait has improved. I can feel my toes rubbing together when I wiggle them. This is subtle but new.

4/17- Although I have kept my overall leg health good through gym exercises, walking for has been a problem with diminished leg stamina. Today, I walked on a treadmill for .5 miles. I felt a fatigue in my calves. I have worn leg braces for the past few months to help with stability. I have not worn them since treatment, and will likely never need them again.

4/18- I been so focused on my leg condition, that I have neglected to comment on my lumbar treatment. My lumbar is a mess with scoliosis and stenosis likely from years of gym work and aging. I never experienced pain like many do, however I did have a stiffness as I moved, and discomfort that was uncomfortable and sleep distracting at night. That discomfort is gone. My back feels normal. I know it is not and never will be restored to original, but not having the stiffness and soreness is great.

4/19-Restless after brief sleep. I got up and noticed some dramatic improvements in my feet and the sense of contact with the floor. I definitely can feel more.

4/20-Tested my balance this morning and had noticeable improvement. I put my leg braces away with the feeling I would never wear them again (I haven’t since treatment nearly two weeks ago). I spent the day in my shop working mostly on my feet with good energy. I continue to have sensations on the skin from mid calves down. There is more sensation in the balls of my feet and the tops of my toes.

4/21-Not a good night sleep at all. Yesterday I had so much energy, and was so productive, I was not tired. This was the first restless night since treatment, and it spoiled the day. I did nap a short time mid day. Not much to notice in positive change. Went to a charity event, and worn dress shoes for the first time in years! It felt good to not have athletic shoes on, however I did have to use my cane for stability, because the shoe platform was much narrower and I’m not used to them.

4/22- Good nights sleep. Feet feel more alive this morning.

3 thoughts on “Saint Thaddeus – and his namesake”

  1. Dr. Park, thanks for your consistent pursuit of telomere science over the years for people like BTJ and so many others. I have followed your brilliant and compassionate work for over a decade. While my faith in medical practice and practitioners has been seriously rocked in the last 3 years your continued example of a true doctor of the body and soul leaves me with hope.

  2. My long time best friend, I’m so happy for you. Dr. Park thank you so much, I definitely see the see the change in Bob.

  3. What a wonderful result for this gentleman. I am so happy that he found you and your procedure administering stem cell worked for him. Dr. Parks you are a God Sent Blessing.

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