Seeing is believing – Or is it the other way around?

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Today, I received a nice picture from a long-time patient of mine, David.  He created this mashup of himself and his son.


David has taken TA-65 since 2011 (when he was 65-years old). He is now taking RECHARGE as well and is 69-years old.


This kind of reminds me of my own mashup that I did for a blog last week.


They say that “seeing is believing”  but as I told my sons who wanted to play 3-Card Monty with the confidence men around Montmartre, ‘everyone playing is in on the scam’. 



Quantum mechanics teaches us that perhaps the converse of the maxim is true – believing is seeing.  We actively create reality with our beliefs, feelings, and conscious thought as with the classic double slit experiment where light can “behave” like a particle or a wave depending on what you expect to see. And it can even do a mini-time machine thing and go back through the slit to ‘change its mind’.

So maybe the attributable placebo effect of guys like me and Dave and our pictures with kids is 50%.  Maybe.  But this isn’t something that is based on pure etheric conjecture- it is based on something that makes sense.  Take out some pictures of you and your kids and see if you are getting younger relative to them.  It is quite possible with healthy lifestyle choices!   But these anecdotes are fun to consider even if you think we are just playing 3-Card Monty with ourselves.



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