A celebrity asked me about TA-65 and cancer in mice

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I got an email from a celebrity who takes TA-65 yesterday. I can’t reveal the name but the concern was over an article about TA-65 and increased cancer risk in mice.

Although he didn’t likely say it, this quote is often attributed to Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Well in this case, it the statistics don’t even show what the article claims. In my blog, mentioned in my email reply, I explain why.

Aging is not a thing. But can you give up what you know for what is real?

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I believe that eventually the world will join me in understanding that there is really only one disease, with many faces. Depending on how long and in which organs the process has run, you see manifestations of disease and aging that you might call aging.

1938 : Muller names the telomere

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In the 1930’s, twenty years before Watson and Crick described the DNA’s double helix, Herman Muller was irradiating fruit flies at Woods Hole to produce mutants with deletions and inversions involving the ends of chromosomes. High energy rays produce DNA breaks, which is why UV exposure gives us skin cancer. Of note, he never found mutants with deletions or inversions …