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Real patient experiences

81-yo Vincent is getting objectively younger

There is no reasonable scientist or physician that that could explain these persistent and increasing improvements in a man of Vincent’s age without evoking fraud or inaccurate testing. That is why I continue to study what I refer to as adaptogenic medicine and why it is a privilege to do so.

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PODCAST 48: “Karl G – Allstar”

In this really fun 16-minute video, I interview Karl about hitting and batting his age at 76.

He talks about getting into an Ivy league college as his “safety school”, flying three jumbo jets with 5,000 mink into post-war Japan as a 21-year-old stranger in a strange land, and his dream of taking batting lessons from a defrosted Ted Williams.

Finally, Karl talks openly about his experiences taking TA-65, a telomerase activator, and the other keys to being incredibly productive and relatively healthy as he ages chronologically but not biologically. Karl is an inspiration and a great guy to get to know.

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