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Why Adaptogens are wiser than prescription drugs

Did you ever notice that the healthiest old people don’t take medications? At first blush, that might seem like a tautology but wait! What if the medications are begetting their own complications and interfering with the body’s ability to restore balance and health?

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Is depression related to shorter telomeres in girls?

The research in this field is tended to reject the link between depression and shorter telomeres but in recent years, the studies have been mixed with a greater number of studies showing an association (like this Epel study from the NHNES study data that I recently blogged about) whereas other show no correlation like this New Zealand study.

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God’s Speed, Robin Williams

Robin Williams’ heart stopped beating 4 days ago but there is no way anyone can tell me he doesn’t live on in all of us. Just take a look at this clip to understand the depths of his great soul.

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Katina resumes ovulation after starting TA

noticed an increase in cervical fluid mid month and could feel when I was ovulating. I had always been able to tell when I was ovulating and the last 4 months those signs were just not there. But this month it came back. I feel it was because of the pills.

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