Why Adaptogens are wiser than prescription drugs

Ed Park, MD dr ed park, Lokahi Guru, RECHARGE Leave a Comment

Did you ever notice that the healthiest old people don’t take medications? At first blush, that might seem like a tautology but wait! What if the medications are begetting their own complications and interfering with the body’s ability to restore balance and health?

In this 14-minute video, I explain for our Lokahi Guru Affiliates what adaptogens, specifically my RECHARGE supplement do. We also explain where the name for my company, Lokahi Guru, comes from.


I leave you with a though: if your car engine is making a clumnky noise, will turning up the radio fix it?

If you have one under-inflated tire, will performing a realignment or deflating the other three be the best solution? These are the principles of pharmacological intervention in a system designed to heal itself.

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