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Real patient experiences

Walter’s story of reclaimed glory

The better sleep and more dreams. Better recovery. Pain in my back the first 10 days of use. Something was going on back there and I just let it take its course. The next 8 weeks no pain at all.

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Cinco de Mayo tip for hangovers

TA-65 helps most people with hangovers although you may not be a “cheap date” if you’re taking it because it will be harder to become intoxicated as well.

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My 80yo patient now measures 20 years younger! (*after just three years of TA)

Anyway, thank you to our patient who through considerable faith and expense has provided a very interesting anecdote. If you stopped taking TA-65 because you didn’t feel anything you are not alone. But there is a measurable reason to believe that “the second year is even better than the first” as so many long-term patients have remarked.

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