If you think some of Hollywood's leading men are looking younger and younger, it might not be their Kabala, Scientology, and juice drinks that are doing the heavy lifting. They may have just been in one of the movies of that producer...
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Am I nuts or is Robert Downey Jr. looking younger these days?

Happy 49th Birthday, Robert Downey Jr.!!  I am a fan, sir…

The puckish, rakish, and dashing thespian looked like this in 2010 at the Golden Globes:

67th Annual Golden Globe Awards- RDJ at 45

At the 2014 People’s Choice he looked like this:

RDJ at 49

Interesting aside: When I met fellow member, who introduced himself as Eldrick, at our golf club in the summer of 2012, we got to talking about his injuries and why I felt HGH was something that wore out ligaments. He asked whether what I recommended, the TA-65, had anything to do with stem cells and requested that I give him my card.  Now anyone who I tell that story to thinks I’m a nut but is it a coincidence that after meeting me he began winning again in 2013 (5 out of 16 tournaments and Player of the Year?)

If Tiger did order it, it certainly wasn’t from me.  But then again, few of the more than 163,000 people that have watched my videos and decided to try TA-65 ended up ordering from me.  I have had people tell me they thought I owned the company but based on the frequent calls from the TA Sciences debt collectors, I can tell you that isn’t the case. $500 retail for something that is $450 wholesale?  Not quite the pot of gold that you probably imagined, I’m sure.  Even more tragically for you, those of you who bought TA-65 elsewhere may have flushed much of your investment down the toilet, literally, due to suboptimal absorption by following the package instructions. That is only my opinion but one backed but many converted client’s experiences.


And while I’m on the subject of how countless of my former patients have been harvesting my knowledge without paying me for it, I know for a fact that one of Hollywood’s biggest producer/directors ordered 16 bottles through his step-daughter after being told to watch my videos two years ago. Guess who was in his movies?  Robert Downey Jr. among others. Another of these who-shall-remain-nameless leading men who is perennially staring back at you in the checkout line recently and accidentally met and tried to solicit free product from the owner of TA Sciences after confessing that he was a huge believer but didn’t want to pay for it and wouldn’t be interested in coming out of the closet as a spokesperson.

What is the point of these rantings?  Two-fold.  If you think some of Hollywood’s leading men are looking younger and younger, it might not be their Kabala, Scientology, and juice drinks that are doing the heavy lifting. They may have just been in one of the movies of that producer…

And secondly, if you think the videos, blogging, and education that I provide is of value, you morally should consider buying TA from me because you won’t save money buying it elsewhere and you want to make sure that I can keep this day job because I am literally the only person who is trying to do more than just hype and sell; I am trying to explain and teach in a field of medicine that doesn’t even exist yet! What is the value of having the world’s only expert in Telomerase Activation Medicine at your disposal?  Based on the buying habits of most of you lurking on my postings and videos, I might conclude “not very much.”  Well, tsk, tsk and a Stephen Colbertesque ‘wag-of-my-finger’ for those of you who say you are my fans until the hat gets passed around…


But a ‘tip-of-my-hat’ to Robert Downey Jr on his 49th birthday.  Those of you saw him in “IRONMAN 3” probably missed the fact the central premise of the EXTREMIS super-soldier project was something similar to what I describe in my videos:

EXTREMIS- cell-based rejuvenation

And just what is the mechanism of the fantastical plot device? Hint: was also the subject of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine: that’s right!!   —-> Telomerase Activation <—-

This is the line delivered by Robert Downey Jr. in the movie:

Telomerase powers EXTREMIS

ART IMITATING LIFE?  Or maybe just both imitating yours truly?  Snicker all you want, but please consider buying from the struggling peddler of knowledge who is running a virtual ‘non-profit’ at selling you low-margin capsules yet who doesn’t even have the sense or self-esteem to charge for his clinical services and acumen…



3 thoughts on “Am I nuts or is Robert Downey Jr. looking younger these days?”

  1. I’m beyond excited and literally try to tell everyone I know about this. FINALLY, you might get the compensation for all the work that you do. I am a believer and always will be!! I can’t wait to try the new product, dose to the effect you recommend (now that it’s affordable) and hopefully become a distributor of a product I believe in with my whole heart.

  2. Bernie Kitts

    Every word written is true. I remember the scene but didn’t notice the “telomerase algorithm” comment. Ha ha. I always considered TA-65 to be a bridge molecule. It was the first of what i thought would be more telomerase activators in the future. A few astragalus extract and herbal compounds have since come to market with many promises but few effects that resemble TA-65. If Karma exists then your account is vast. God bless you and your family.

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