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The Apocryphal Diaspora – The biggest one that no Jews have ever heard about

It was the Hellenized Jews of Alexandria that were the doctors, merchants, and landlords of the finest quarter of the only remaining great city of Classical Civilization its founding in 331 BCE. Even during the years of Jewish-Roman wars, Alexandrian Jews always stayed free and prosperous until it all ended overnight in 415

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Does scarcity precede our notion of “philanthropy”? (which is really Soteriology in a hooded mask)

Philanthropy was classically defined as love for humanity, not alms for the poor.

“love of what it is to be human” is the essential nature and purpose of humanity, culture and civilization — was intrinsically philosophical, containing both metaphysics and ethics. The Greeks adopted the “love of humanity” as an educational ideal, whose goal was excellence (arete)—the fullest self-development, of body, mind, and spirit, which is the essence of liberal education.

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