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Real patient experiences

Is Telomere shortening the cause of loss of fertility?

As shown in the graphic, the ability to retrieve eggs is not that uncommon, even in the over 44 population, but the rates of pregnancy are just 5% and live birth only 2%, explaining why the practice is generally frowned upon in this cohort.

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Katina resumes ovulation after starting TA

noticed an increase in cervical fluid mid month and could feel when I was ovulating. I had always been able to tell when I was ovulating and the last 4 months those signs were just not there. But this month it came back. I feel it was because of the pills.

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Another blessing for Nina!

In my book, Telomere Timebombs, I tell the story of Nina, an 41-year-old Austrian woman with lifelong infertility who conceived while taking TA-65. Today I was thrilled to learn that not only is she the proud mother of a perfect 16-month-old boy, but another genetically-normal 16-week-old baby!

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