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Real patient experiences

Which 76-yo telomeres would you rather have?

I would guess that his telomere length would have been LONGER three years ago because there would have been many stem cells in crisis with lengthening but damaged chromosomes. But I believe his percentage of critically-shortened telomeres would have been higher (typically in the teens)

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Will 49-yo Mark now have the life expectancy of a 19-yo Mark?

After two years of TA-65 use, his median length is now 12,500 (from an estimated 9,400) with a very nice drop in critically-short telomeres to 4.5% (from a baseline of up to 20%). So if you believe what most research is showing regarding the connection between shorter telomeres and longevity, Mark has gained over 30 years of longevity in a time where he should have lost three years.

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Telomere basics: longer is NOT always better

In long-time users of telomerase activators, I tend to see a narrowing of the histogram which is great news as long as the progenitors are numerous and healthy. This means are less “crew cut” and “dreadlock” telomeres and that the system is rebalancing and lengthening the telomere efficiently.

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Telomere testing now 1/2 price for a limited time

Until mid April, the cost of telomere testing will be lowered to just $500. Would you like to know how healthy your telomeres are? Let us mail you a testing kit. The cost includes a phone consultation with me regarding your results.

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