Are you driving with your lights off at night?

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A youthful body and spirit are like a car with its lights on. It makes you visible and it makes everything around you brighter. A driver who has lost integration with his or her own environment and is merely preoccupied with what they see and whether it is enough to get them to their next stop may encounter problems that they never saw coming.

Does scarcity precede our notion of “philanthropy”? (which is really Soteriology in a hooded mask)

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Philanthropy was classically defined as love for humanity, not alms for the poor.

“love of what it is to be human” is the essential nature and purpose of humanity, culture and civilization — was intrinsically philosophical, containing both metaphysics and ethics. The Greeks adopted the “love of humanity” as an educational ideal, whose goal was excellence (arete)—the fullest self-development, of body, mind, and spirit, which is the essence of liberal education.

Mastroianna, Monicelli, Sophia Loren, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, & Hypatia

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When you think about Marcello and Sophia, you don’t think about suicide or counting the seconds – you think about sex, and passion, and the absurd joy of living